I just wanted to say that I ran into Walt while at Krogers (Stroop Rd.) while he was stocking his salsa and he started to talking to me about his salsa and his natural ingredients so I decided to buy some salsa. I have to say I am totally obsessed with this salsa. Both my husband and I love this salsa very much! I have to say I will never buy another salsa again but Walts Homemade Salsa. Can’t wait to try the barbecue sauce as well! Thanks Walt!
Holly, Kettering, OH

This is a testimonial written by Max, 8 years old, and given to Walt at Second Street Market, “I love your salsa so much!!!!!!!!  I love your mild salsa, it is the best thing you’ve made so far that I like!!!!  Do you like your business and your salsa, it is soooooo goooood!!!!!  You should be proud of yourself, you are very good at making salsa!!  From, Max”

Max, Dayton, OH 

Many “hot” foods lack flavor, and many flavorful foods lack “heat.” Your X-Hot salsa packs heat and flavor in every bite!

Greg, Union, OH

Go to iloveitspicy.com for a review on our extra hot salsa

‘Fire Dawg Squad,’ Ashburn Volunteer Fire and Rescue in Virginia

Just wanted to share that I purchased some of your salsa at Franklin’s FallFest and have been saving it for a special occasion… okay- well we have been busy and just haven’t had the chance to really enjoy. I broke it out as we were waiting for Christmas dinner to start and the entire jar was empty and gone with everyone asking for more. Needless to say, my wife is mad at me because she was the one preparing the meal for everyone else. So I am here at your website looking for locations to stock up for our New Years Eve party- and get her her own stash so I can stay out of the dog house. Thanks for a great product with fantastic flavor… wonderful quality worth every penny!


I never used to like salsa until I started eating Walt’s, it’s the bomb! I just wish there was more in the jar. I love it, it’s incredible, absolutely amazing!

Rob, Dayton, OH

As a construction worker I have been all over the country and have always liked salsa and by far, Walt’s is the very best.

Doug, Riverside, OH

Check out this web site to view the write up about our salsa by Phyllis, a Dayton Farmer’s Market Examiner. http://www.examiner.com/farmers-market-in-dayton/walt-s-homemade-salsa-is-a-refreshing-surprise

I have tried many different brands of salsa and am rarely satisifed. Your salsa is truly a notch above the rest. I know what I will be giving to my friends and family for Christmas.

Kelly, Pontiac, MI

Walt’s Homemade Salsa is absolutely delicious, honestly it’s the best salsa I’ve ever eaten.

 Sharon and Tim, Miamisburg, OH

Walt’s Salsa is NOT your boring old SALSA……It makes a great addition to some of our recipes! I am so glad it is now in MICHIGAN Markets….Because I never seem to order ENOUGH!
Roxanne, Muskegon MI

An email that we received after our last tasting;

We met at Seeger’s deli last Saturday. I really enjoyed
your salsa and purchased two jars. Its very difficult to
find a commercially available salsa with as much flavor as
yours and I definitely appreciate the noticeable absence of
preservatives and artificial coloring. I wanted to drop a
note to encourage you in your endeavors. I wish you the best
of luck!


“Finally, I’ve found a chuncky salsa packed with ingredients that I enjoy. Walt’s is just full of flavor and is the best I have ever tried!”
Miamisburg Resident

“My family is very picky and they all love it.  Mild and medium is for everyone!  I love to cook with the medium; it has just the right amount of kick and flavor.”
Donna, West Carrollton, OH

I love the stuff, it’s original and different from other salsas that are out there and I like the flavor.  I love the beans and corn; it is so different from other salsas on the market.
Bob, Bellbrook, OH

I really enjoyed Walt’s Homemade Salsa; it tastes very good and has become my family’s favorite.
Rob, PA Resident

Normally I don’t like chunky salsa, but this one stands out from the rest, it is delicious.
Michael, Miamisburg, OH

This salsa is the best!  It has become a staple in my pantry.
Kelli, Beavercreek, OH

As a man who loves to eat, I’ve sampled many different types of salsa.  I can honestly say that ‘Walt’s Homemade Salsa’ brand has the best flavor bar none. My hat is off to Walt!!!
David, Miamisburg, OH