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New to Walt's Line of Zesty and Delicious Products
Now available to purchase online and at many locations that carry Walt’s yummy salsas and sauces.

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Our newest is Walt’s Homemade Honey Mustard BBQ Sauce!

Homemade Honey Barbecue SauceMmmm good…I love Walt’s Homemade BBQ Sauces! I told Walt what I like in a BBQ sauce and he nailed it! It’s zesty and delicious on chicken, ribs, chops, hamburgers and great for dipping. Like his salsas, Walt’s Homemade BBQ Sauce is…A Major Flavor to Savor! Enjoy! CassieWalt's Homemade Salsa
Walt's Homemade SalsaThe fresh taste of Walt’s Homemade Salsa is a combination of tomatoes, black beans, yellow and white corn, fresh red onion and red bell pepper plus a variety of spices, AND no added preservatives or MSG and it is gluten free. And, that is just the Mild Salsa. The heat begins with the Medium Salsa by adding more spices. Then the true heat carries on in the Hot Salsa with freshly chopped jalapeno peppers and finally the X- Hot Salsa with jalapeno and habanero peppers. Our salsas truly are a flavor to savor. You be the true taste tester, try your choice of Walt’s salsa today…you won’t be disappointed. You can find it at various locations listed here on the website or buy online. Order some of our savory salsa today!
Not only for tortilla chips… Check out some of our tasty serving suggestions and recipes now!Order some of our savory salsa today!
Gift baskets available upon request and they are available at our booth at PNC’s 2nd Street Market. Also, they are great for fundraisers!

WHAT’S NEW?  Stop by the market and check out our new Sweet Heat BBQ Kettle chips.  These chips are coated with Walt’s very own sweet heat seasoning and they are delicious!
Walt’s products can now be found at Maria’s Unique Foods at PNC Second Street Market.

Dot’s Market on Patterson in Dayton is now featuring their wings with Walt’s original BBQ–they are AWESOME!!

All of Walt’s Salsas are ALL NATURAL, and low in sugar and salt!  His new savory seasoning is SALT FREE!!

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